At Misty, we strive to give an amazing dining experience, larger groups of 5+ is subject to an auto-gratuity of 20%.

TASTING MENU For $50, enjoy one select appetizer, one main, dessert, and one of our signature cocktails, it's the best way to try the most of our menu! Available Sunday to Thursday.

Appetizer - Choose 1

Heavenly Spheres
Chickpea battered crushed potatoes seasoned with poppy seeds curry leaves green chilies cumin coriander and garlic; topped with house made mint cilantro yogurt sauce and tamarind sauce
Patatas Bravas
Garlic mayo, brava sauce, parsley
Baba Ganoush
Eggplant, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, Aleppo pepper, relish, fried chickpeas, parsley; served with House bread
Gochujang Brussels Sprouts
Fried Brussels sprouts, gochujang, crushed cashew
Beet and Black Rice Salad
Beets, black rice, cashews feta cheese, and arugula

Main - Choose 1

Rainbow Trout
Zucchini eggplant onion corn ratatouille with confit cherry tomato and parsnips celeriac purée
4 Cheese Arugula Pesto Gnocchi
4 cheese sauce, potato gnocchi, arugula pesto, pine nuts
Lamb & Beef Burger
Tzatziki, red onion, arugula, feta cheese,cucumber, garlic mayo
Beef Cheeks
8oz beef cheek, root vegetables, pickled radish, parsnip celeriac puree, red wine reduction
Pork Chop
9oz pork chop, black cherry and apricot gastrique


Upside Down Apple Cake
Sponge cake with apple caramel glaze, lady finger crumble and whipped cream

Signature Cocktail - Choose 1

Kraken spiced dark rum, spiced saffron syrup, egg white, mango juice, orange bitter
4th Wall
Plantation Grande Reserve rum, Cynar, Amaro Nonino, Aperol, Angostura
Rum Tea
Plantation Grande Reserve rum, curacao, chai, pineapple juice, oat milk
Out of Season
Alberta Premium whisky, rhubarb liqueur, egg white, lime, maple syrup
Gin Shrub
Tanqueray dry gin, green Chartreuse, rhubarb liqueur, balsamic strawberry syrup, lemon, rhubarb bitter
Matcha Better
Plantation Grande Reserve rum, herbal coconut syrup, lime, ceremonial grade matcha foam
5 Pepper Spicy Margarita
1800 Tequila Blanco, 5 pepper syrup, triple sec, lime