Where the food and drink speak for itself

Our Story

Founded in May of 2021, Misty is a new concept cocktail bar located on Queen West downtown Toronto, where both drinks and food get equal love and focus. We are an independent restaurant and bar, which gives us the freedom to change and grow as we see fit. Our founders are young, driven, and passionate individuals, who will always thrive to maintain the quality of our product and adjust our operations if needed, and with the 40+ years of combined hospitality experience among our management group, Misty will be one of the most memorable spots in the city. So remember the name, because Misty is here to stay and this is just the beginning of our story!

Our Mission

At Misty, we aim to customize your taste buds, whatever that may be. If you prefer strong drinks, more sweet, more sour, or if you have dietary restrictions, we will do our very best to accommodate and make you feel welcomed and heard.